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Learning on stage

The move to the Town Hall has been a successful one. The students are really enjoying being able to learn on the stage where they will perform at the end of the year. Angela, Hannah and Jessica on stage.


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New Ballet equipment

The students are really enjoying the new equipment. Ballet Barre’s and a mirror.

Hannah and Angela warm up at the Barr’e, while Jessica checks out the new Mirror.

This Mirror was donated by Geoff  Hardy, Thank you!

Now that we have been awarded the small equipment community grant from the Hepburn shire council, we will be able to have additional mirrors framed, that have been donated to us by Doug Lund and the Creswick transfer station, Thank you.

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Keays Ballet School

Keays to Success is a Classical/Contemporary/Modern Ballet school that is Situated at the Creswick Town Hall. Teaching children from pre-school to Teens in an encouraging learning environment with the emphasis on having fun and building self-esteem.

Creswick Ballet


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